Yes, that stuff was made by me :o

Yes, that stuff was made by me :o

Monday, July 28, 2014

Tunable cars

Hello everyone, I've seen some comments on my cars from people that want tunable cars, just like in GTA V, but, per example, the 9F isn't tunable, and, why? The Cheetah is tunable, right?
Yes it is, but, there are some details I'm going to explain here.

Cheetah's tuning is on Transfender, just like other cars, like the Blista Compact, Nebula, Clover, etc, but there is a slight problem on cars that are tuned on Transfenders.

Transfender uses a group of generic parts, and by generic parts I mean, the spoiler you tuned on the Cheetah is the same as the one you will tune on a Blista, same goes to exhausts, vents, side skirts, etc.
So, with all that being said, if I wanted to make the 9F tunable, it would have the old ugly GTA SA tuning parts, and they would not match the car.

"Well, but you could just change the parts, right?" Yes, I could, but then a blista would have a 9F spoiler, a 9F exhaust, and some of you might think that that is nice, but, imagine I would release another car for, per example, the Nebula, I would change the parts, and then the 9F would have the Nebula's parts, and vice-versa.

"Alright, alright, so, let's take the Transfender away, and bring the Wheel Arch Angels, what's your excuse now?" GTA SA Wheel Arch Angels cars consist on the following tuning scheme - 2 exhausts, 2 front bumpers, 2 rear bumpers, 2 side skirts, 2 roof scoops, 2 spoilers and 3 paintjobs, but, as we all know, GTA V cars aren't like that, some even have parts like bonnets, and wings, etc, and the problem here is, per example, a tunable bonnet.

The way GTA SA tuning is set, I can't make a tunable bonnet with the same reliability as a front bumper in terms of bugs, and then, making the bonnet damageable would be another impossible thing.

And then, we have other problems, since GTA SA tuning is limited to 2 parts on each zone, I can't put the 3 spoilers that the car on GTA V has available.

So, that means the Zentorno will have no tuning, and it will replace the Infernus, even though it can be tuned on Transfender, it has no parts, but, I think I can get something around that problem...


  1. Will you add parts even if they're not tunable,As Extras?

    1. and you can change the data where vehicle is tuned right? like for example in vehicles.ide:
      -1 for not tunable
      0 for transfender
      1 for wheel arch angels
      2 for loco low co.
      and,even if are limited,can you please make parts?

    2. Adding parts as extras is a bad idea, and looks bad, like, a randomly spawned car, already tuned, please, no.
      About modifying files, yes, that might work, even with the limit, I could still add some parts, but, I make mods mainly for people who play Multiplayer, like me, and are not able to modify those files.
      Also, even if I made them tunable, I would have to modify other files, that I'm not very familiar to.
      But I WILL try to make it tunable on singleplayer.

  2. How about making 2 versions on each mods that you release? ver 1 for non tunnable, ver 2 for sa original parts tunable. Oh and could you tell me your next plan on new mods?

  3. Zentorno WILL NOT be tunable in game, but I will be accepting requests for the specific tuning parts you want on your car.

    1. How will you convert Voltic?
      the No roof,Hard top,soft top as extras?
      and my last request,can you make it tunable? the front bumper,the bonnet,and the spoiler.

    2. Voltic will not be tunable, but I'll do the same as I did with the Zentorno. And yes, it'll have roofs as extra.

    3. When will you release Voltic?

    4. Why ask this it will be ready when he is finished

    5. I will try to get it done this week

  4. Then could you consider making these vehicles as original sa part tunable?
    1. Bravado Gauntlet (Sabre)
    2. Imponte Ruiner (Phoenix)
    3. Enus Superdiamond (Stafford)
    4. Benefactor Schafter (Washington)
    5. Karin Sultan (Sultan)

    oh and if you do have some plans to make other genres,
    1. Pegassi 801 (fcr 900)
    2. Dinka Dobule-T (nrg 500)
    3. Dinka Akuma (bf 400)
    4. Dinka Thrust (Wayfarer)
    5. Nagasaki Carbon RS (pcj600)
    6. Maibatsu Frogger (Maverick)