Yes, that stuff was made by me :o

Yes, that stuff was made by me :o

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Cars' size

I've received several e-mails concerning the size of my mods, and I'm going to give you another explanation.

GTA SA cars are very big due to copyright issues, they have small wheels and big chassis, if you pay attention, you will be able to see that the car has a LOT of space on the interior, but the seats and the  steering wheel is still small, or normal sized as I would say.

I will not resize my cars because they have the correct size, people talked about the Entity for being too low, but that's how the car is, the problem is that the animations of CJ sitting on the cars are made for the big GTA SA cars, not for the correctly sized cars, so sometimes you might see some heads going out of the roof.

Also, the cars I convert, the Super and the Sports are small cars, because they need to be lightweight to be fast, but if you take the Buffalo and the Oracle you'll see that they are bigger, but GTA SA made most of the cars with equal sizes, even if Sports or Saloons.

And if I resized my cars, you would have over-sized steering wheels and seats, and, per example, CJ wouldn't touch the seat's back.

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