Yes, that stuff was made by me :o

Yes, that stuff was made by me :o

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


R.I.P. ZModeler 2

I won't be doing anything more, unless I get an huge inspiration.

The blog will still be up, but I'm going to remove the request form.

I also played Team Fortress 2 a lot and it seems that the will to play that game died at the same time as GTA SA.

Right now I'm owning people at GRID Autosport that I bought with stuff I sold on TF2, and when GTA V for PS4 is out I'll be racing on GTA V as well with a guy called Gun1t123, he has an YT channel that only talks about GTA V racing, and as I'm in love with racing, why not racing on the game I've been converting cars from?

Sorry for not completing your requests, I am very sorry, but I can't even open ZModeler, the memories it brings, it's at the same time sad but very BORING, and I can't hold this boredom anymore.

The Voltic was done under a lot of pressure, but it came out well, and people seemed to like it, and quality was a thing that was always with my mods, and will ever be if I get back to it.

If you have GRID Autosport, and want to race with me, here's my steam profile: Steam Profile

I-G-G-Y is love, I-G-G-Y is lyfe.

My apologies and best regards,


  1. please finish feltzer :( you promised us the feltzer please finish it please please as a last work please you are the best in gta inside doing mods, please i beg you finish feltzer i love that car please finish it please nismo please finish feltzer :(
    if you can do feltzer to replace infernus as it a fast car
    please please please, finish feltzer )': i really want feltzer please...

  2. please nismo please :( do the feltzer as if it was your fans last wish :(

  3. please do feltzer nismo please answer me please
    we love you please do feltzer... please one last car...

  4. only feltzer... please i beg...

  5. nismo please :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

  6. answer me please :( dont let me down :(

  7. dont leave us without feltzer please please please
    nismo please come back you are the best :(

  8. feltzer please dont let automan do it because he is a shit, he doesnt know how to do text in the plates for example!!!
    please do feltzer... i will love you forever

  9. Why You Can`t Open ZModeler?
    You Can Ask Your Friend To Fix It
    Btw What Is The Problem?Your Mod Is So Cool

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