Yes, that stuff was made by me :o

Yes, that stuff was made by me :o

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

What to expect

As the Voltic is getting shaped, the Feltzer starts popping out of the closet, and getting a place on the Alpha from GTA SA.
After the Feltzer, and if everything goes well, I'm planning about working on the Gauntlet, and other muscle cars.

And as I am squeezing between the small amount of sports cars on San Andreas, I see that I can't do much more about it, there are the Hotrings, and the ZR-360, but, principally the Hotrings, but I can't find anything that would fit them. The three hotrings on the game share the same handling line, which would be easy to modify on Singleplayer, but on MTA or SA-MP I think it would be some sort of bad, having 3 different cars, but with totally equal performances. About the ZR, it's has some unique lights, that no car on V seems to have, and it has another problem, one exhaust, and ALL the sports cars on V have at least two exhausts. Ignoring the lights, I might fit a Fusilade on it.

That's all!


  1. Replies
    1. Banshee, since both have good acceleration, rear wheel drive and are convertibles.
      I'll make a handling line, so in singleplayer it'll be electric and with only one gear.

  2. the Hotring racers have 3 diff. handling
    And Hotring they have just a little differences. A for handling,B for accel,Hotring is the worst

    1. The three hotrings share the same handling line, as it can be seen here

      494, hotring, hotring, car, HOTRING, HOTRING, (...)
      502, hotrina, hotrina, car, HOTRING, HOTRINA, (...)
      503, hotrinb, hotrinb, car, HOTRING, HOTRINB, (...)

      The "HOTRING" is the HandlingID, and as you can see they are the same, also on handling.cfg you can only find HOTRING, HOTRINA and HOTRINGB are the Game Name.

      This can be simply modified on singleplayer, by changing the "HOTRING" so something else, if the handling line with that name is on handling.cfg.

      My mods are mainly for multiplayer SA, since more people play GTA SA for the multiplayer, not the singleplayer.

      Also, seeing (example) a Cheetah on a racing track seems weird.

      It just seems weird, nothing that can't be forgotten, just something to have in mind.

    2. Just look at this
      They Share the same top speed

  3. Can u also convert the 4dr felon and the jackal